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We take pride in providing excellent health care for the mind, body, and spirit of our patients

About AIM and Our Services

All too often we hear our clients say that they are finding it more and more difficult to provide timely care to their office patients if they happen to become hospitalized. After all, running a successful outpatient practice is quite demanding, and find the time to make rounds in the hospital can be a real task. Despite this general consensus amongst PCP’s, most are uneasy and unwilling to hand their hospitalized patients over to an unfamiliar hospitalist group. Why? Well… Over the past couple of years, there has been a growing disconnect between the inpatient and outpatient worlds. Unfortunately, it has become a recurring issue which patients show up to their primary care physicians office weeks or even months after a hospitalization, leaving both parties frustrated; “Why didn’t my doctor know I was there?” “Why did I not know my patient was in the hospital?”.

Accountable Inpatient Medicine “AIM” was founded on the basis of providing a sense of continuity to this area of medicine that has always seemed to struggle. This disconnect between the inpatient and outpatient worlds has left a gap in healthcare that Accountable Inpatient Medicine aims to help bridge.

AIM is a specialized hospitalist service with locally established groups who integrate and collaborate with primary care physicians and sub-specialists to provide quality care, and a continuity of care, for their patients when hospitalized. AIM has a specialized transitional care team whose sole job is to communicate to outpatient specialists on patient status and ensure seamless transitions between the inpatient and outpatient world. This transitional care team allows one point of contact no matter which hospital a patient is at.

The providers of AIM carefully oversee their PCP’s patients in the hospital setting from admission to discharge. With excellent communication comes a streamlined process, all of which shows improved clinical outcomes, decreased length of stay, decreased readmissions, better patient satisfaction, saves healthcare costs, but most importantly it provides a sense of comfort and continuity for the patients themselves.

AIM is adequately staffed and equipped to service primary care physicians and consultants interested in providing a better continuity of care for their patients. For primary care physicians or other outpatient specialists interested in partnering with AIM, please reach out to us as we would be happy to make you part of our family!

What We aim to provide

With us, it’s always personal.

Direct communication between our providers, you, and your staff to keep a closed loop of communication between the inpatient and outpatient worlds

High efficiency healthcare

Two-way communication to access records to save healthcare resources, which reduces repetitive lab work, image exposure, saves time and improves efficiency.

Continuity in Care

Your patients will see the same group of providers no matter which hospital they go to, and they will always follow up with you because AIM has no competing outpatient office.

Personalized transition of care team

Our TCC team is at your disposal to help facilitate transition. Every H&P and Discharge Summary is sent directly to your office by our team.

Direct admission at your fingertips

AIM helps facilitate direct admissions for your patients, if appropriate, which saves emergency department and healthcare costs

The service from doctors at AIM has been great! I hear why my patients are admitted and have the opportunity to discuss their care. If I need a patient direct admitted they help make that process smooth. And when it is time for discharge their staff works with mine to assure I know what has happened and can properly resume caring for the patient's needs.

- Dr Karen Brainard (Family Medicine)

"I have had the unique opportunity to follow Dr. Houston since his student years through residency and now as an effective and competent hospitalist. He, Dr Coatti, and their fellow providers have put together a dedicated professional communicative team to help my hospitalized patients. My patients relay how pleased they are that they have an in-house doctor who actually speaks to them. Thank you, and stay humble and kind."

- Dr Anthony Montanaro (Geriatrician)